Excess increase & explanation of difference in security deposit and excess

Excess increase & explanation of difference in security deposit and excess

Communication sent to customers in 2023 explaining the change in standard excess amount. Template below this can be sent to customers confirming we will cover excess if it cannot be recovered: 
"From the 1st of February 2023, all new bookings will have an excess of £1000. We have listened to feedback from a significant number of owners regarding this and have had it approved by the recommended third party who provide the excess reimbursement policy that is available to customers. We feel in the current economical climate this is the right time to increase the excess to better support owners when damage occurs and is inline with similar businesses in our industry. 

The security deposit will remain the same at £500. This is a £500 ‘hold’ made against the customer’s card that is placed two days before their booking is due to start. The money is not taken, the system just checks it is there and holds it from being spent. Some owners have asked for this to be increased to match the excess but we believe this may be off putting to some customers. Quirky Campers will continue to guarantee the difference between the security deposit (£500) and the excess (£1000) for all legitimate claims."

Communication that can be sent to owners

Quirky Campers guarantees that the owner will be paid the full excess amount in event of a legitimate claim being by the owner where the owner has exhausted all reasonable efforts to get the customer to pay. 
This excludes owner sourced bookings where only nominal booking fee has been taken. 
This guarantee covers all standard excesses of £1,000 but also covers situations where the insurers have extended the excess to cover non standard driver up to a maximum excess of £2,500. For situations outside of this owners should contact Quirky to get approval before proceeding with the book. 
In all circumstances where the excess is £2500 or below the customer must not be charged a security deposit of more than £500 

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