Highlights and Description text for Wheelbase listing

Highlights and Description text for Wheelbase listing


This section will be completed by our Quirky Campers copywriting team. They will optimise the wording for maximum renter appeal and include location-specific SEO keywords designed to improve online search results.


PLEASE CHANGE TO SUIT YOUR VAN: (Please keep the headings and the coding <b>Heading</b>)

<b>About the area:</b> Quirky Campers promote and encourage local adventures which are not only kinder to the planet, they're kinder to your campervan. Tell us about your area, local spots to be explored  e.g. landmarks, attractions etc and well-known cities, national trust sites, parks not too far from you. ‘XXX lives in XXX and is parked on a quiet residential street’.

<b>Description of Beds:</b> How many people will your campervan sleep? Give dimensions for each bed in centimetres e.g.126cm wide and 190cm long. Highlight any height or weight restrictions for any of the beds. ‘XXX sleeps up to four people; two downstairs and two in the pop top, which can also be used without the bed pulled down, for extra headspace and room during the day.

<b>Description of Seating:</b>  How many passengers will your van take? How many people can fit sociably in the main living space? Does your van have isofix fittings? E.g. ‘Three belted seats in the front (including driver) with headrests and three further belted seats (two with headrests) in the rear. Five seats have three-point belts. The sixth seat in the back has a lap belt only. four out of the five-passenger seats are suitable for a child car seat using the belt’.

<b>Description of Electrical Setup:</b> What is the electrical set up? How many charging points does it have? Please give details of outlets, max W size of batteries, Inverter, hook-up, off-grid capabilities etc.

<b>Parking:</b> Is there parking for your hirer’s vehicle where your campervan normally parks? Are there any restrictions we should know about? Please let the owner know where they can park their vehicles when collecting your campervan. E.g. ‘If you drive to collect XXX, you are welcome to leave your car in her normal spot. We will provide you with the necessary parking vouchers. If you come by train, XXX's owners will be able to pick you up from Worthing station.’

<b>Cooking Equipment:</b> What cooking equipment is included? e.g. pots, pans, cutlery, and coffee maker. Is there anything that you cannot provide that a renter might want on their trip? ‘In addition to the two gas hobs inside, there is a single gas burner that you can use to cook outside. Ada has everything you could need to cook up a feast, including 4 traditional tin camping mugs, 4 melamine cups and 4 bowls, 4 large bamboo dining plates, cutlery for 4, 2 stainless steel wine glasses, a chopping board, a kettle, large and small frying pan, large and small saucepan, steamer. There are four bamboo cooking spoons, 1 sharp knife, 2 Opinel pen knives, a tin opener, corkscrew/bottle opener. XXX also has a stove-top espresso machine and a toasting rack that you can use over the gas hob as well as a colander, washing up bowl, and small dustpan and brush.’

<b>Water and Sanitation: </b> Does your campervan have an indoor/outdoor shower? How is the water heated? (kettle/solar/gas water heater) Does your campervan have a toilet? It is in its own enclosure, in the main living space or in a tent outside. Is it fixed or removable? Is there drinking water? Where are the tanks situated? ‘There is a 10-litre removable water tank in XXX that supplies water to the sink via a pump’.

<b>Audio Equipment:</b> What sort of audio system is set up in your van? ‘XXX has a pioneer head unit and two pod speakers in the rear of the van. USB plug-in and Bluetooth are both available so you can play your own music.’

<b>Type of Heating: </b> Does your van have heating? Is it gas, diesel,  wood burner, or other?

<b> Pet Information: </b> Is your pet friendly, are there any restrictions on the size.number of dogs you allow? Do you allow all animals, (Cats and birds have been requested in the past).  

<b>Extra Information:</b> Please include anything else you want us to feature in your write-up. It could be specific materials that you have used in the conversion, who it was converted by, and what the van used to be in a former life. Anything really quirky and interesting is always good to include!

<b>Conversion Story:</b> Tell us your conversion story and your campervan came to life e.g. ‘XXX began life as a humble builders' van (albeit one with air-con in the cab). We bought her after a long and careful hunt. She was converted in 2018 by Cambee in Devon after we spotted their beautiful designs on Pinterest. Ada is inspired by the split bay VW campers of the 70s. Her units are built in birch ply with solid Formica cabinet doors, and Matt and Tanya chose their own unique colour scheme, as well as modern luxuries such as a diesel heater.  

<b>About the Owner:</b> OPTIONAL Tell us a bit about yourself and your story, how you can to Van Life, your favourite thing about your van and how you found Quirky! 

If your campervan is C1 then include this in the headline description (if not, please delete): Please note: XXXXX requires a Category C1 or equivalent driving licence, allowing the driver to drive vehicles OVER 3.5T.
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